Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Tribute to: PG Tips Bump & Go Racers

A Tribute To: PG Tips Bump & Go Racers

I’ve just completed my set, so these can be our first tribute.

Back on Christmas Day in 1956 Brooke Bond unleashed apes onto Britain’s TV and used real chimps to advertise their PG Tips tea for over 45 years (finally giving in and stopping in 2002) – with the exception of 1968 (and they brought them back 18 months later). These monkeys became a pop culture phenomenon, turning PG Tips (pee-gee tips) into the number one selling brand of tea in Britain – yes, monkeys really can do anything, including influence people on what tea to buy. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

6 Examples of Crap I Waste My Money On - LFCC Edition

Welcome, foolish mortals

Yes that reference was necessary, very necessary and should tell you all you need to know I think, but in case it didn't – congratulations you’re going to enjoy me telling you all you need to know: last year (2014) I became convinced that I had produced nothing of worth and would, if I carried on the way I was, leave nothing behind for people to remember me except maybe a lingering smell no amount of Febreeze could ever hope to destroy, and then was depressed for a while. I felt very unimportant, so I decided to do what everyone who feels unimportant does – start a blog! Hooray for me and the internet.

I am under no illusions, no one will read this fucking thing but I am going to pretend people ARE reading this and try and always post about something worth reading about, no one wants to read about my pets or trips to supermarkets – especially as all my pets are dead. But I need some kind of introductory post and LFCC will have to do – I figure me talking about old toys is marginally more interesting than me talking about my dead pets.