Sunday, 27 December 2020

Seven Examples of Crap I Waste Other People's Money On: Christmas 2020 Edition!

Well this year can go fuck itself

Honestly there doesn’t seem to be a satisfactory way to sum up how shite 2020 has been, and I say that as someone who got a holiday this year – it was only three days but it was better than a lot of people – and being honest I’m feeling pretty ground down by it all now. Just when things were looking up, we had vaccine, Christmas was coming, Trump lost, we get a new highly contagious strain in the UK and my Grandad goes into hospital with not only Covid-19 but a plastic hip that just won’t stay in, he’s always said if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly. We’ve spent Christmas in Tier 4 (I think that should be capitalized?) which is pretty much the same as regular lockdown conditions except it has a more marketable name and the new plumbing shop up the top can stay open – mind you I’m sure I’d consider them to be essential if my toilet broke over Christmas, which it has done before – though no fault of my own I’d like to add. A lot of people in England have spent Christmas in Tier 4 (it doesn’t look right capitalized, though, does it?) which has effectively meant that for a lot of people Christmas was actually cancelled, or they just ignored it and broke the rules. It wasn’t that extreme for us, I’ve been locked down with my mum and nan and we had my Auntie Joycie over because she’s had her shots, she genuinely carried the relevant paperwork and print-offs in her purse the whole day to prove to any hypothetical policemen who might storm our house having smelt her entering on the wind that she was legally able to come round for multiple different reasons. My Auntie Joycie has never been a rule breaker, I think the closest she got was when she bought some dining chairs from a market one time.