Tuesday 27 August 2019

Quick Crappy Pokemon Reviews: Generation 5 Part 14 - Round-Up


I’m gonna do something a little different for this round -up, my overall thoughts on this gen are easily summarized and i’ve go through them a few times by now anyway: the entirely new Pokedex was a good idea squandered by the use of ‘eqvivalentmons’ to just give us very similar substitutes for a lot of the Pokémon that Game Freak always used to fill different location is the game BUT despite that the new Pokémon were primarily very consistent in how strong they were as designs.
HOWEVER it was while writing a more conventional version of this round-up I wrote ‘I could have cut the Pokedex down…’, stopped and changed my mind about what we’re gonna do here.  Here is my cut-down Gen V Pokedex:

My thinking was this: keep all of the standard ‘mons that a region needs (Starters, Legendaries, pseudo-Legendaries, com mons, cats, fish, bugs, pikaclone, Fossil Pokémon), cut out most of the Equivalentmons (but not all, you always seem to get a couple of ideas repeated in later ‘Dexes, so ones I liked a lot I kept), cut out all the extraneous Legendaries, then just keep all the lines I like plus a couple of popular ones I don’t mind because there’s always gonna be one or two lines you’re not crazy on in every generation. And I still ended up with over 80 cartoon aminals which should, I think, prove that this generaiton is pretty consistently good (and had way to many equivalentmons), both of which you're probably fed up with me saying by now. I tell you what it also kinda proves, at least to me, is that this generation had a really god set of 'standards' - becasue other than Dewott and the cats I'd've still left all of those in this 'dex even if they weren't kept solely for the reason that they 'have to be there each generation, even the fossils - as dissapointing as the turtles are they're still nice turtles.   

My Gen 5 Favourites

A whopping 8 Gold Sixers for this generation and the first time in 5 gens that two Pokemon from the same evolutionary line have made this list, that's how much I like the Trubbish line, haters to the fucking left, PLEASE.

My Overall Favourites

It’s worth pointing out here that not all Gold Six scores are equal and while everyone who got the Gold Six score utterly deserved it, most of the Gold 6ers in this generation are on the lower end of the Gold Six spectrum

My Gen 4 Least Favourites

Despite being a pretty consistently good generation there was seven 0 scores, Klinklang being the 7th

My Overall Least Favourites

The Cutest

God. Damn. What a cute generation! This list could easy be treble its length

The Most Badass

This list could be at least double in length too…

The Most Creative

Victini? Hell yes, Victini! All those V-things combined? That’s some Alan Moore level shit

Most in Need of Evolutions

I just want the Woobat and Minccino lines to perfectly match their equivalents and that means they need to be three stages, undiagnosed OCD for the win!

Most in Need of Mega Evolutions

Because Gen 5 was so horrendously ignored for Megas, I just picked Pokémon from this generation the way Game Freak did for the others; popular ‘mons and the odd ringer, and Garbodor.

Gen 4 Pokémon I’d Most Like to Own

I’d like to point out again that I know that owning Chandelure is very impractical but it just goes with all my décor

God that went on didn't it? Sorry about that.