Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Long and Winding Five Nights At Freddy's 3.0

Welp, this was unavoidable. After Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, the finale of the core Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise, came out a third and (probably) final version of the Long and Winding Five Nights at Freddy’s needed to happen. I’d like to personally thank Scott Cawthon, Freddy’s creator, for clearing up so much and then cure Scott Cawthon, for leaving so much unresolved. Anyway unmarked spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a franchise based around a chain of family restaurants – Pizzerias to be precise – that use animatronic anthropomorphic animals heavily reminiscent of Nolan Bushnell’s Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre and it’s old rival (and current owner) ShowBiz Pizza Place. The first, second and sixth games take place at three separate Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza locations, the third a theme park attraction based on those restaurants, the fifth the storage and showrooms for Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental and the fourth in a seemingly ordinary house. Each game is a point-and-click indie survival horror game and although the exact methods differ between the four games they all share the same simple gameplay and goal – use what you have to keep yourself from being killed by the animatronics, though from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (FNAF2) small bonus mini-games in the style of the Atari 2600 home video game console were added to give more of the backstory of the franchise (and further scare players). All six games (and its spin-off Five Nihgts at Freddy’s World) were created and developed by Scott Cawthon and are available for PC (via things like Steam) and iOS.

The Animatronics

Though murderer William Afton is the main villain of the series, he’ll only be an enemy of the player character in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 and 6, most of your enemies will be the possessed and/or out of control animatronic characters that are used in the various locations, or nightmarish memories thereof (maybe).  

Freddy Fazbear – Titular mascot and lead singer of the animatronic band in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, he carries a microphone and wears a top-hat and bowtie and plays the Toredor March from Carmen as a jingle. A ‘Toy’ and ‘Funtime’ version has been made to replace him at various times [ShowBiz Place Pizza had a brown bear mascot called Billy Bob, who was a guitarist]
Fredbear – another bear and original titular mascot of the chain when it was Fredbear’s Family Diner, he looks similar to Freddy but is lighter with a purple hat and bowtie, it seems Fredbear and Freddy were used by the restaurant together [get this, Showbiz Pizza originally had a lighter coloured bear in its original band – Wolf Pack 5 – called Surf Bear, who stayed on after they switched to the more popular Rock-afire Explosion band and characters, which added Billy Bob, a brown bear that did the exact thing in the band as Surf Bear did (in this case, played guitar) who became the main mascot of the chain, not completely identical but very similar to Fredbear and Freddy Fazbear - I’m sure this is all just coincidence as it’s not uncommon to see a character of the same type as the main mascot or character introduced but still…]
Bonnie – a blue rabbit who plays guitar, some fans seem to mistake the poor guy for a girl (it’s probably his name) but Crowthon says it’s a boy. A ‘Toy’ version was made to replace him but later scrapped [neither Chuck e Cheese nor Showbiz prominently featured a rabbit character]
Chica – the female backing singer, a chicken who wears a bib and carries a cupcake with eyes, a ‘Toy’ version (that is seriously sexyed up) was made to replace her but scrapped  [Chuck E. Cheese’s has had a major chicken girl – Helen Henny - since ’78, who has since become the major female mascot of the chain]
Foxy – a pirate fox who was once operational in his own location, Pirate Cove, by the time of FNAF1 he’s no longer used and out of order. A ‘Toy’ version and ‘Funtime’ version were both made to replace him [Showbiz Pizza had a wolf named Rolfe DeWolfe who also operated off of a side-stage from the main band (as a ventriloquist) and was indeed decommissioned before all the other characters].

Golden Freddy – a bonus enemy in FNAF1, Freddy with golden ‘fur’, looks similar to Fredbear
The Mangle – the ‘Toy’ version of Foxy that got pulled apart by kids, do not discuss it’s gender with the fandom – it will not end well.
Balloon Boy – a little boy animatronic who gave out balloons to children, a balloon girl also exists called JJ
Ballora – a ballerina robot at Circus Baby Entertainment & Rentals who was designed to distract so that he other animatronics could kidnap children assisted by smaller animatronics the Minireenas. Has a noticeably unusual voice and because her outer shell has closed eyes she is effectively blind, but she can still hear you…

 The Puppet/Lefty – a strange animatronic security guard whose later job was to hand out prizes to children, became possessed by the spirit of Cassette Man’s daughter, a victim of William Afton and dedicated itself/theirself to helping the other victims of said murderer, and getting revenge for them, was later imprisoned inside ‘Lefty’ a robot designed just to trap and hold the Puppet so that Cassette Man could free his daughter’s spirit.
Springtrap – an old spring-lock suit (a suit that’s also an animatronic) that was used by the murderer William Afton that now contains his rotting remains and is possessed by his spirit, it was found and accidentally unleashed on the world by the people behind Fazbear’s Fright.
Circus Baby - the mascot of Circus Baby Entertainment & Rentals, a clown girl designed to kidnap and kill children unwillingly by William Afton, she produces ice-cream and is aided by small animatronics called BidyBabs. After becoming part of and being evicted from Ennard she rebuilt herself into a ‘Scrap’ form.
Ennard/Molten Freddy - the combined bodies of Ballora, Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy, after evicting Circus Baby from themselves, Funtime Freddy became the dominant personality and rebuilt Enanrd’s body into a Freddy Fazbear looking robot nicknamed ‘Molten Freddy’.

The Timeline

Game Title Abbreviation Key: FNAF 1 = Five Nights At Freddy’s / FNAF2 = Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 / FNAF3 = Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 / FNAF4 = Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 / Sister Location = Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location / FFPS = Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
Text in Bold – events implied by the games (mostly)
Italic text – my notes, explanations, fan theories and evidence

-           The Freddy’s franchise begins as Fredbear’s Family Diner [mentioned by Phone Guy in FNAF2]
-           William Afton, the murderer known by fans as ‘Purple Guy’, kills the daughter of his old friend outside a small Freddy’s establishment, The Puppet goes to the child and becomes inhabited by her spirit, the girl’s father goes on to become Cassette Man [the murder is first shown in the mini-game ‘Give Cake to Children’, the location is very small and only a bear mascot is shown – leading to the assumption that this is Fredbear’s Family Diner in its earliest stages and this is Fredbear – though his hat and bow tie are black. William Afton was being the murderer and the victim who haunts The Puppet being Cassette Man’s daughter were confirmed in dialogue in FFPS and his full name revealed in the credits for that game, which also showed us the Puppet ‘merging’ with the murder victim]
-           Two ‘spring-lock’ suits are introduced, a golden Bonnie (who becomes Springtrap) and a golden version of the bear mascot at the time (either Freddy or Fredbear, we’ll call him Spring Fred to keep things neutral), these are animatronics that can also be worn as mascot costumes [FNAF3’s hidden mini-games include a scene with a golden bonnie and golden bear, implying – fans seem to feel, and I agree – that these are the two sprint suits mentioned by Phone Guy, after all we know that there Is a Golden Bear (‘Golden Freddy’) and that Springtrap is one of the spring suits]
-           William Afton builds advanced robots to lure in, capture and ‘hold’ children, they are seemingly used in a location called Chica’s Party World at some point [Chica’s Party World is only mentioned in the source code for a teaser for Sister Location, so we don’t really know if exists or not but if I don’t include it someone will only moan, Funtime Chica – a Afton Robotics version of Chica - was added to FFPS in DLC]
-           Circus Baby is used for only one day at Circus Baby’s Pizza World, during that day she kills Elizabeth, the daughter of William Afton, her inventor, at a birthday party there [all taken from dialogue in Sister Location except the victim’s name, which was used for the first time by Cassette Man in FFPS. The Afton Robotics being built this early comes from a sort-of-confirmation of it’s placing in the timeline from Scott Cawthon on his comments on Game Theory’s 200th video special on YouTube, it’s placement after the introduction of the spring-lock suits’ introduction comes from Baby remembering them from her ‘old’ location, it’s my personal belief that Circus Baby’s Pizza World is the old location simply because the ‘one day’ thing appears in the stories of both and it seems too coincidental]
-           Strange comings and goings are observed after Circus Baby’s closes [it’s my personal belief that this is Afton removing the animatronics and storing them but there’s little to no proof of that]
-           Afton is interviewed by police, the robots are left stored in Afton’s old underground facility for many years [Afton can be heard being interviewed in Sister Location, the event of Sister Location happen after the closure of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza chain]
-           In 1983 there is a cartoon called Fredbear and Friends, confirming that by this date Fredbear, Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, Chica and Bonnie have all debuted [shown in the FNAF4 mini-games]
-           Balloon Boy is introduced [Nightmare Balloon Boy, a character introduced in DLC for FNAF4 was confirmed as cannon by Scott Cawthon, meaning that the protagonist of FNAF4 must have seen him, if we believe that the protagonist of FNAF4 and its mini-games is one and the same, then they must have seen him, thus he must have debuted before those mini-games]
-           The events of Five Nights At Freddy’s 4’s mini-games happen: a little boy who is terrified of the robot at a Freddy’s location is held up to a Fredbear animatronic by his brother and his brother’s friends and has his head bitten by the robot, during this time Afton is working at the restaurant [debate is still raging over whether this happens in 1983 or 1987. Some fans belive we’re seeing ‘The Bite of ‘87’ referenced in FNAF 2 while others thing this is another incident in 1983. I’m in the 1983 camp: The animatronic that bites the child in this game is Fredbear and is on the stage singing – all we know about the bite of ’87 is that it happened in ’87 and resulted in the robots not being able to free-roam in restaurants anymore (implying it was roaming when it bit them). We know FNAF4’s flash backs take place during or after 1983 (because of the cartoon), during the time the spring suits are in operation, when Purple Guy was working at the restaurant and/or around and during a time when Fredbear and the original animatronics were in operation and Fredbear was the main mascot (he’s painted on the walls). That kind of rules out ’87 but it certainly rules out the revamped location from FNAF2 (only Toy versions were active and there isn’t a Toy Fredbear however there ARE toy versions of the toy versions seen in the FNAF4 mini-games), though the building from FNAF4’s mini-games looks very different anyway (much smaller).Now everything in FNAF4 points to Fredbear AND Freddy Fazbear being around at the same time (the child has nightmares about both, has plushies of both before being bitten by Fredbear, Freddy appears on the montage of characters in the Fredbear and Friends cartoon show) so there’s nothing to say that Fredbear’s appearance rules out 1987, there is however a teaser for FNAF4 that says ‘property of Fredbear’s Family Diner’ and the code for viewing the house in Sister Location is ‘1983’, this makes me personally believe that all of these mini-games happen at a Fredbear’s (which has been closed ‘for years’ in FNAF2) and this isn’t the Bite of ’87. Regardless it has to happen before the investigation and the retirement of the spring suits, putting it before the audio tapes from FNAF2]
-           William Afton, using a the spring-lock Bonnie suit, lures at least four children to the Safe Room at a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location and kills them [given that the murders are associated with the Fazbears’ name in FNAF1 I’m judging these murders to have happened at a Freddy’s location and not a Fazbear’s Diner, it is my belief that this happened at a different location to the one in FNAF2, due to the Go! Go! Go! Mini-game using a different layout to the one in FNAF2 and a regular Foxy, rather than the Toy Foxy aka Mangle. We’re shown Afton using the spring-lock Bonnie suit in the Fruit Maze mini-game in FFPS, luring a child away]
-           After an ‘incident’ at a Freddy’s restaurant involving the spring suits, they are decommissioned and put into the Safe Room, a room in every Freddy’s in case of emergencies and for storing potentially dangerous items. [the spring suits are in use in FNAF4’s flash backs, but seem to be decommissioned in FNAF2 (presumably because they weren’t created by Scott yet) and Phone Guy describes a yellow suit as ‘spare’ (though they could just have multiples) thus before or during the murders, or before the revamp, seems the most likely placing for this event, I put it here just because it’s roughly the middle of the time-frame just mentioned and if they were still in use during the murders it would make it easier for William Afton to get away with what he was doing].
-           Unable to revive the dead children/their spirits with prizes, the Puppet allows them to possess the old animatronics of Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie and Chica, plus it seems, Golden Freddy [this is all information taken from the implications of the mini-game Give Gifts, Give Life from FNAF2, I see no issue with these interpretations – we see the Puppet give gifts to dead children sprites, and then place the heads of the animatronics on them to ‘give life’, we then see a fifth child appear, then Golden Freddy, popular fan theory is that this is the protagonist of the FNAF 4 , I have no reason to doubt it, especially as we know it’s not the first victim seen in the Give Cake to Children mini-game, as that’s in the Puppet. We have no way of knowing for sure when this happened – I place it here simply because we know by the time of the investigation that the old animatronics are already smelling and roaming seemingly of their own accord and thus most likely possessed.]
-           At least one of the FFP restaurants moves to a new location as part of a massive overhaul including replacing Bonnie, Freddy, Chica and Foxy with new ‘Toy’ models with face recognition software. [Phone Guy states that the old animatronics are from ‘the old location’ implying this is a new location, not a refurbed one, in Night 4 of FNAF2]
-           Toy Foxy is put in the Kids Cove room, but the younger children there pulled him apart, he was then changed to a pull-apart and put back together activity, that left the robot a jumble of parts, and was nicknamed The Mangle by staff [Mangle is in the same style as the other ‘Toy’ models, thus I assume he was a Toy version also, it seems that Mangle wasn’t a pirate, thus the ‘logical’ deduction is Kids Cove is Pirate Cove just at another time when it had another name/theme, as Phone Guy refers to Foxy being a pirate in FNAF2 Night 2 and then to management redesigning Foxy in the following night’s audio, I would say it seems they changed the room to not be Pirate themed (probably during the refurb) and then changed it back once the Toy models were discontinued]
-           There is an investigation into the disappearances of children at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the media gets hold of it and eventually the restaurant is temporarily shut down, a pre-booked birthday party is held the day after it is, someone from staff is arrested and convicted of the five children’s murders [there is an investigation going on during the audio tapes from FNAF2 with the heavy implication this is the investigation into the child disappearances with the police focussing on staff both present and former – the following dialogue from Phone Guy in FNAF2 (Night 5) leads me to believe the implication is that the person who was arrested for the crimes was a day shift employee “y'know, especially concerning any...previous employees. Um, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to the day shift, a position just became...available.” and one of the FNAF4 mini games shows the William Afton putting someone else, during the day, into a spring suit and laughing]
-           The Bite of ’87 happens, someone has their frontal lobe bitten out but lives, at least temporarily, animatronics are stopped from free-roaming in the daytime [placement due to the implication the robots are still being allowed to walk around in the day time during the events of the audio tapes from FNAF2 (it’s said by Phone Guy they can even walk around in the day now) and the FNAF2 ending newspaper saying the refurbished FFB was closed down to animatronic malfunctions, not the murders, and the restaurant being closed after the events of those audio tapes – of course there’s nothing to say the bite didn’t happen at another site]
-           The events of Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 happen around the date of 11th of November 1987 [the events of FNAF2 are dated via the cheque you receive at the end, the events are generally considered to have taken place after the investigation and other events described in the audio tapes from Phone Guy – he says welcome to your ‘summer’ job and November is clearly not in summer (anywhere in the world, actually), and there is a birthday party set up all nights, while the tapes say there’s going to be a birthday party the day after you finish your shift, there is also no real evidence of the mentioned lock-down still being in effect either]
-           This revamped Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant is closed down after only a few weeks, the Toy models are decommissioned due to malfunctioning [there is nothing to suggest that the Toy models had anything majorly supernatural about them, all of the allusions seem to be to them malfunctioning and ‘attacking’ you due to a combination of problems with their programming and problems caused by the murders and investigation – the following dialogue from Phone Guy on Night 6 of FNAF2 I think alludes nicely to it being related to the Purple Guy’s activities “Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, someone used none of them are acting right.” either as a reaction to him or due to sabotage]
-           Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza re-opens in a different location, using only the old animatronics who are now forbade from roaming in the daytime following the Bite of ’87, though no longer used, the Puppet is still around, [the Freddy’s of FNAF2 has a different layout to the one in FNAF1; The Point of View cutscenes in FNAF2 show The Puppet to be in the FNAF1 location. Also there is a (pretty good) fan theory that the restaurant actually moved BACK to the location it was at pre-revamp, It’s a little unlikely given that the child disappearances have already happened and probably happened there but this company is cheap as fuck, they may have still owned that old location (and the investigation happened while they were in the new location, so maybe they hoped it would be associated with that one? Who knows) this theory is mostly based on the layout of the Go! Go! Go! mini-game being the same as the layout of FNAF1’s restaurant, some also use that to think that there was another set of murders after the investigation, I’m still iffy on that]
-           Health and safety demands the closure of the FNAF1 Freddy’s due to complaints about the animatronics – their smell, and strange fluids oozing from their heads that resemble mucus and blood and make them look like walking cadavers [from text in FNAF1]
-           The Phone Guy is killed by the four animatronics [it seems generally accepted that the Phone Guy’s audio recordings from FNAF1 are exactly that, recordings from a previous time, and the jingles playing on the recording of his death imply he was killed in The Office, which is where you are in the game, meaning it can’t have happened at the same time as you’re there – because you’re there and there is no man getting horrifically murdered. His body – or a suit that it’s been stuffed into - cannot be found on cam either, implying that it’s been removed. As for ‘who killed the Phone Guy’ I never thought there was any debate in that, we hear evidence of all four animatronics being there at once, I have always assumed they all killed him together though I hear that Chica is top of the list of suspects otherwise]
-           The events of Five Nights At Freddy’s (1) happens, mostly likely in 1993 [FNAF fans, being incredibly dedicated, found out that by combining the minimum wage you receive in FNAF1 with the dates (both from the cheque you receive at the end) the events of FNAF1 most likely take place in 1993]
-           William Afton comes to a run down, abandoned and rat infested Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, dispatches the original four animatronics one by one outside the Safe Room, accidentally freeing the spirits within, in the arcade he is chased into the Springtrap suit by the ghosts of his victims and is killed, his body is not found until the time of Fazbear’s Fright [this is all taken from the implications of the mini-games from FNAF3 (not the hidden ones, the regular ones) it’s placing in the timeline comes simply from the haunted animatronics being destroyed in these mini-games and them still being operating – obviously – in FNAF1. William Afton was confirmed as the body in Springtrap in FFPS]
-           The souls of the five murdered children inhabiting the original four animatronics and Golden Freddy are freed, though despite what is implied, the spirit inside the Puppet remains [from the ‘cake’ ending to the Happiest Day mini-game in FNAF3, oddly this game seems to take place in an open restaurant with kids wearing masks of the Mediocre Melodies characters, but it can’t happen until the child spirits are freed above, so it’s going here and I’m saying that either a Mediocre Melodies-themed restaurant opened in the same location as a Fazbear’s or it’s just a visualisation and not be taken as literally happening in an open restaurant]
-           Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Retail is opened, using the old Afton Robotics robots [Hand Unit says that Circus Baby’s was designed to fill the gap left by Freddy’s closing, if Freddy’s had any locations still open there wouldn’t be that gap to fill]
-           Fazbear’s Fright is built, it is a walk-through horror attraction based on the stories about the old food chain, they have none of the animatronics though [The official description on Steam says FNAF 3 happens thirty years after ‘Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors’, meaning this would be set in 2023 or 2017 depending on which restaurant that’s referring to, in game it just says everything happened ‘decades’ ago]
-           Five Nights at Freddy’s 3’s events begin, the attraction will open the following week but it still has no original animatronic on display [told to you by Phone Dude on Night 1’s phone call in FNAF3]
-           On night 2 of FNAF 3’s gameplay Springtrap (the spring suit Bonnie) is brought to Fazbear’s Fright, it has been found in a Safe Room and still has (most of) the body of William Afton in it [Afton was confirmed to be in the suit and haunting it in FFPS. Mention is made on Night 1’s phone call about looking into the Safe Room implying that’s where they found the suit, still with body in it – that raises the question: how did the suit get from the old arcade (as shown in the mini-games) to the Safe Room, which was presumably behind the boarded up door shown in those mini-games? I have no idea, but as a theory – could the ghosts of the children have moved it there so like theirs, Purple Guy’s body would never be found]
-           Fazbear’s Fright burns down, police have not ruled out foul play [from the newspaper clipping at the end, the possibility of the place catching fire without foul play is mentioned in the first night’s Phone Dude call, some fans speculate it was the player character who burned it down, it’s likely but I couldn’t find anything to confirm it]
-           Springtrap rises from the rubble of Fazbear’s Fright [shown in the ending of Sister Location]
-           The events of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location happens
-           Ennard escapes Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental by hiding inside of a maintenance man hired earlier in the week [the ending monologue of Sister Location implies that William Afton’s son Michael was the protagonist of Sister Location itself, or that he’s Springtrap, though as he’s not Springtrap – as confirmed in FFPS – then it’s a pretty good bet he is in fact the protagonist as he refers to meeting ‘her’ again – assumed to Circus Baby]
-           Ennard enjoys it’s freedom until the human suit they’re wearing degrades and rots, scaring his neighbours and eventually forcing it to leave the body and hide in the sewers, but it’s promise that scooping would not kill it’s suit seemingly comes true, as a spirit (re?) inhabits the body after Ennard vacates it and it stands, becoming purple [we know that Sister Location takes place after FNAF 1-2, so this cannot be the birth of the original purple guy, most consider it a transformation of Michael Afton, William Afton’s son]
-           Circus Baby is ejected from Ennard and Funtime Freddy takes over as ‘lead personality’, thus Ennard rebuilds itself into Molten Freddy. Circus Baby however manages to build herself a new body from scraps and Scrap Baby. Cassette Man builds Lefty and traps The Puppet within it. [this has all happened by the events of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator]
-           Cassette Man builds a specially designed structure to lure in Springtrap, Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy and disguises it as a Fazbears’ Entertainment franchise]
-           The events of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator happen: Springtrap, Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy and Leftly all inside, Cassette Man burns the structure down with himself and the player character (likely Michael Afton) inside, finally freeing the souls in Baby and The Puppet and ending William Afton’s reign of terror and the legacy if left. [all taken from FFPS, the implication that you’re playing Afton’s son comes from dialogue in Sister Location where said son says he’s coming for his father (Springtrap) and Molten Freddy and Scrap Baby recognise the player character of the previous game which is generally considered to be Michael Afton]   

There’s a couple of things I haven’t touched upon or touched upon properly in the timeline that I’ll just waffle about here:

“Why isn’t the events of FNAF4's main gameplay placed in the timeline?”
Because there’s no way of confirming when it happened, it’s likely that we’re playing as the child from the mini-games and that the child dies at the end but exactly when this is taking place is unknown. All that we know is that it’s taking place after Chica, Freddy Fazbear, Foxy and Balloon Boy debuted, if we ARE playing as the mini-game’s child (and I see no reason to doubt this) then it has to happen after 1983 because we see a cartoon with a copyright date of 1983 in those mini-games. That really doesn’t help too much though.

“Phone Guy in FNAF4”
If you play some audio backwards in FNAF4 you can hear a message from Phone Guy, the first call from FNAF1, this is used by fans as further proof that this is the Bite of ’87 (as this is the Phone Guy message that introduced the concept), or in conjunction with another Easter egg to say that the child in the FNAF4 mini-games is Phone Guy’ son. That Easter Egg is that the family portraits in the house in FNAF4 are of Scott Cawthon and he’s the voice of Phone Guy, SO the kid could be Phone Guy’s son?
Can’t say I go for that personally, as for the hidden sound file meaning this is ’87? I have no rebuttal to that because it’s a fine assumption I just think there’s more pointing to ’83.

“What is Golden Freddy?” and “Is Golden Freddy ‘real’”
Ug, this seemed to be the biggest debate in the fandom for a while. Golden Freddy is a bonus enemy in FNAF1, it sometimes just appears on camera, then game overs your ass with a jump scare, it doesn’t move around the restaurant and appears to be ghostly or a hallucination; I feel that in that game this was the case, it wasn’t physically there. I also think it didn’t really have any story significance in the first game. But because “What is Golden Freddy’ became such a repeatedly asked question it seems Scott began addressing it in FNAF2 onwards.
Going by the Give Cake Give Life and Happiest Day mini-games it seems that Golden Freddy is a spirit of a child. FNAF2 introduces the concept of ‘golden suits’ and this is developed in FNAF3 to be the spring-locks suits. FNAF3 also shows what appear to be two spring-lock suits in use – a bear and Bonnie, so it’s possible Golden Freddy is a spring-lock suit. However there was also a lighter bear mascot Fredbear who had a regular animatronic, so it’s just as likely Golden Freddy is in fact a child possessing Fredbear. This had lead fans to conclude Golden Freddy is possessed by the child from the FNAF4 mini-games, who was bitten by Fredbear. As all the other dead kids are accounted for (four in the original four animatronics and 1 in The Puppet) it’s not a bad theory. However it relies on the belief that the child from the mini-games died which relies on believing that you’re playing as that child in the regular gameplays segments of FNAF4.

The Picture of Freddy taking his own head off in FNAF1
Didn’t even notice this until a YouTube video pointed it out as an ‘unsolved mystery’, I couldn’t give a toss personally though if I must I have two theories: 1 is that it’s referring to there being someone inside controlling Freddy and his other animatronic buddies or that  it’s a reference to the popularity of Out of Character photos amidst Disney World employees (in the character department), pictures of them simulating sex, mix-n-matching outfits, smoking through the suits etc - yes that is a real thing, Disney World staff are depraved.

 “What IS up with the FNAF2 Endoskeleton?”
No conclusive evidence. There's an Endoskeleton that pops out of the prize box in FNAF2 once the Puppet moves away (if the music box that keeps him there isn’t rewound) it comes out, and sometimes crawls through the vents. It seems to be Freddy’s endoskeleton (it has his ears) but other than that I haven’t found anything that hints towards why it’s there or what its connection to the overall plot is. Fan theories include it being Golden Freddy’s endoskeleton though if he’s a spring animatronic I doubt his endoskeleton can be taken out and anyway you can see parts of endoskeleton on Golden Freddy; or that the endoskeleton was intended for a possible Toy Golden Freddy (a theory of mine building on that: given that Golden Freddy could actually be Spring Fredbear, maybe this endoskeleton was for a Toy Fredbear (though I dunno why it’s in a prize box) - Fredbear and Freddy were active concurrently it seems (as shown in FNAF4), so maybe Fredbear wasn’t fully retired until the revamp? Though I’m leaning towards Fredbear being dumped after the events of FNAF4, which closed Fredbear’s Family Diner with Freddy being given his slot for the new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurants – again that’s just my mad little theories).

“Why can we see the FNAF 4 house in the Private Room in Sister Location?” 
and The Unused Rooms on the Sister Location Blueprints
This one is weird. You can find a hidden bonus room, named the Private Room, in Sister Location and if you put 1983 into a nearby keypad the monitors will show you rooms from FNAF 4, which was set a normal house, possibly in a nightmare or hallucination. here’s also a Fredbear plush with a walkie talkie by it, in FNAF 4 the Fredbear plush inexplicably talked to the child protagonist. This has called everything about FNAF 4 into question with even the previously considered ‘fact’ that it all took place in the mind of a comatose being up for debate. Further, blueprints you get to view in game of Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental show areas you cannot access but whose layouts correspond to those of the house from FNAF 4, the Plushtrap mini-game from FNAF 4 and the restaurant from the mini-games in FNAF 4 (which I firmly believe to be Fredbear’s Family Diner). Fans have theorised that the FNAF 4 house is William Afton’s and thus his son was the victim/protagonist of that game and that’s a pretty sensible reason for a ‘private room’ to have a link to cameras in a house (it’s his room and his house). This means that the Sister Location…location is built under the FNAF 4 house and Fredbear’s which is also fairly sensible if it was William Afton’s house and if he did indeed design or co-design the Fazbear’s franchise. 

“Who’s Henry?”
The name given to Cassette Man by the fandom. Henry is the name used for a similar character in the non-cannon Five Nights at Freddy’s novels and the letters ‘HRY’ appear on some documents of the Cassette Man’s, leading people to call him this.

Shadow Freddy and Bonnie
I’ll wrap up with these shall I? These are bonus enemies in FNAF2, that game’s equivalents of Golden Freddy, now Golden Freddy I feel had no story significance in FNAF1, that was added later, but apparently just about everything of note in FNAF2 does have some significance so…well fun fact – the Phantoms have a different number of fingers (five) and the same number of fingers as the Spring suits, specifically Springtrap, given that Shadow Bonnie looks very similar to Springtrap head-wise I wonder if these weren’t some sort of clever foreshadowing and ol’ Scott either had the idea for FNAF3 during FNAF2’s development or the spring suits idea was meant for FNAF2. Anyway there’s a cool fan theory that in-universe these are the ghosts of the victims of the spring suits from the ‘incident’, I initially thought I could disprove this theory by pointing out that Phone Guy says the accident happened at a ‘sister site’ but it’s said in a tape in FNAF3, which is set in a theme park attraction and thus the ‘sister site’ could be any Freddy’s restaurant.

I’m off to faint, go play some FNAF while I recover, especially 1, 3 and Pizzeria Simulator, I like those the best.

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  1. I enjoy being jump scared. It is very fun and amusing but it is also scary. I don't like it when golden Freddy crashes your game. A good game altogether. On night five the cupcake blinks at you. I think it's kinda cool but creepy at the same time. That's it. L. Bowen, kid reviewer
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