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Dragon Flyz Year 2 - Mysteries Revealed!*

Mystery solved! Well, mostly.
My previous post may have clued you into me being a bit of a fan of the 1990s toyline Dragon Flyz from Galoob. Just in case you didn’t get the hint, I really fucking like Dragon Flyz. But information on the line beyond its first year of product is scarce, again I refer you to my previous post where I sorted out everything we already knew because I got sick of sites of all the misinformation flying ‘round online. To recap, we know the first year’s releases fine: 5 Figure and Launcher packs; 6 single carded figures without launchers; 3 Figure, Launcher and Gremwing packs; an Avon exclusive mail-away Golden Ray Z’Neth and the big ticket item Riptor - a huge dragon, but for the later sets of releases things become a little vague: we knew that new Figure and Launcher packs were released. as was a new big ticket item in the form of Vulcan (Doomfyre) - a three headed dragon only released in Europe, plus sub-lines F.I.S.T. Force, Battle Blazers and finally Blazin’ Battle Screamers but who or what was in each line remained a mystery, as did a figure seemingly of cartoon character Nocturna found on the blog She’s Fantastic – until now

See I finally got ‘round to opening my newly acquired Vulcan, I’ve been ill for a few weeks, and it came with a one of those leaflets in it, I have scanned it (all images can be clicked on to enlarge):

Firstly side one, which is all first year product and mostly irrelevant:

But side two, that's where the good stuff happens:

This side details the entire of the new product, with the exception of the Blazin’ Battle Screamers which we already knew was released last and seemingly replaced Battle Blazers, as this insert is from the time of Battle Blazers there’s no Blazin’ Battle Screamers.

The first page shows off the new male version of Apex, or rather Vega, I’m not kidding, Vega was previously given to Apex, the girl Dragon Flyz, we have photographic proof! Maybe GIG has some kind of weird rule where there can only be one girl per wave. More importantly though it includes the previous unconfirmed second wave of single carded figures!:

The text over Vega reads (roughly): “enter yourself in the beautiful world of Dragon Flyz, the incredible Knights of Heaven with their beautiful pitchers”. While the burst reads (roughly): “look for new characters !” but who gives a shit while the figures listed are:

Nembo Incursore Stellare = Star Raider Summit
Nocturna Ombra Lunare = Moon Shadow Nocturna
Vega Stella di Fuoco = Star Fire Apex
Orak Astro di Luce = Astro Light Drak

Page 2 includes the complete line-up for the second wave of Figure and Launcher sets, a whopping 8 sets, including a set of four repaints from the first wave (notably lacking Apex for fear anyone might remember she used to be a she) and all the heroes are using the same dragon launcher sculpt now I guess and three of the single carded figures with a second paint job:

The title reads (roughly): “cavalier Dragon Flyz assault colours with pitcher” which means Dragon Flyz in Assault Colours with launcher I think and the fine print reads “characters with Pitcher sold separately. Individual characters sold separately” while the figures are:

Nembo Guardia Galattica con Dragone doppia testa = Galactic Guard Summit with Double Strike
Turbine Agguato Solare con Dragone Stella Blue = Sun Ambush Peak with Blue Star Dragon
Orak con Dragone Zanna di Tuono = Drak with Thunder Fang Dragon
Nocturna con Dragone Fauci d’Acciaio = Nocturan with Steal Jaw Dragon
Falcon Freccia Blu con Dragone Nuvola Selvaggia = Blue Falcon Z’Neth with Savage Cloud Dragon
Nembo Folgore Lucente con Dragone Furia del Cielo = Shining Lightning Summit with Fury of Heaven Dragon
Turbine Forza Elettrica con Dragone Ali Tempestose = Electric Force Peak with Storm Wings Dragon
Mente Nera Furia Rossa con Dragone Cuore di Tenebra = Red Fury Dreadwing with Heart of Darkness

What’s especially important here is that this Figure and Launcher version of Nocturna is the She’s Fantastic Nocturna! We now know how she was released and that she was clearly intended to be the default look for the figure even though the single carded variant is closer to the cartoon.

Page 3 meanwhile is dedicated just to the Battle Blazers, or Luci e Suoni Grido di Battaglia (Lights and Sound Battle Cry) if you prefer, these are a little confusing as the logo is far closer to the Blazin’ Battle Screamers but the English box artwork for FIST Fighters clearly identifies that version of Z’neth as coming from the line we know as Battle Blazers, and as ‘Lava Light Dreadwing’ really doesn’t match up at all to Molten Might Dreadwing I’m going to assume these are the Battle Blazers, at least the pictures are of the Battle Blazers:

The large burst in the top corner reads (roughly): “The incredible Bright Knights with wings that emit the terrible battle cry” and the other text says (roughly) “fly and fight with light” and the other burst says “it really lights!”. The three figures are:

Falcon Fuoco di Smeraldo con Dragone Ali di Ghiaccio = Emerald Fire Z’Neth with Icewing
Uragan Scintille di Luce con Dragone Ali di Fuoco = Light Spark Dram with Firewing
Mente Nera Lava Lucente con Dragone Fiamma di Luce = Lava Light Dreadwing with Flamelight

Page 4 introduces something I’ve never come across before I don’t think, the Sky Dragons:

Odd things, they look like Dragon Flyz versions of Ricochet Racers, the text reads (roughly): “flying high up and then swoop down! They really beat their great wings! Take flight with Sky Dragons, winged creatures that fly and fight alongside the Dragon Flyz! Each dragon flying in the sky with its large wings! Look how far they can fly!” so yes they are Dragon Flyz Ricochet Racers. The big text between the two reads (roughly) “Watch them fly on the wind!” and the burst reads “Upload them and toss them in the air” which I think means ‘fire them or throw them in the air’.  The two beasts are:

Aquila di Fuoco = Eaglefire
Tempest = Tempest

And finally F.I.S.T Force, which only shows three figures but come with text to tell us to look for the other two figures sold separately (Damon and Saetta del Sole or Bluebeam and Jamkon):

The title reads “coming soon!” and the text (roughly): “armed with new Mini Flying warriors of the Dragon Flyz army, pull the rope on their dragons to send this knights to attack!”

The Figures shown are:
Hyperion = Gnatzman
Mistral = Zingwing
Icarus = Zoomfire

This also gives us a rough release order for the later waves of toys, roughly: Single Carded Figures Wave 2 / Figures and Launchers Wave 2, Battle Blazers / Sky Dragons, Vulcan, FIST Force, Blazin’ Battle Screamers – at least in Europe. 

Shit, that's a lot of information. 

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  1. hey, i used this post to ID one i found. thanks for sharing this info. it must have been really satisfying to found everything out :)