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Quick Crappy Pokemon Reviews: Generation 2 Part 11 - Round-up

Well, It certainly wasn’t as bland or plain as I remembered it being, though most of the ideas the Pokémon were based on were far simpler and often less outlandish rarely getting beyond an animal or a plant and the overall style was a little more… down to earth? A little more woodsy? A little cuter, a little softer, a little more comforting, the big bastard kaiju and the antisocial fuckers were reduced, though I think this may have contributed to Johto feeling a nicer place to live than Kanto and of course this helped balance out the Pokédex but taken on their own it’s a generation that can seem a little unexciting compared to the madness of Gen 1 and the bright colours of Gen 3.

There’s also the fact that there was so many gimmick ‘mons in this line, this of course makes sense if you think about it – the team had a system set in stone now, a system they could use and abuse to get across ideas and themes like a living punching bag or an artist and of course they now had a base from which they could experiment and build on. Typical sequel stuff really but the number of gimmick and ‘gag’ ‘mons is still the same number no matter how much you can successful analyse the thought process of video game development teams.

But I tell you what this generation also is – consistent in style. Despite having 5 or more people designing ‘mons and despite being stopped and completely overhauled midway through development this is a generation of consistency, which only helps them feel like they’re all native to one reason. Sadly this lot were also consistent in another, a consistent feeling of incomplete – which is mad when you think about it as this as the generation being used to complete a lot of Gen 1 ‘mons and evolutionary lines, it’s a shame they didn’t apply this thought process to the new sets they were introducing – the generation is awash with two-stage evolutions that feel like they should be three-stages and single stage Pokémon that feel like they should be the start of two or three stagers. Of course Generation 4 came along and rectified a lot of these issues so there’s that.

However this doesn’t mean that it’s a sucky generation, you’ll notice the distinct lack of 3 ball scores and below in my reviews? That’s because as far as I’m concerned what we did get was primarily good enough to not be bad or cause indifference, that may sound like I’m stating the obvious because, well, I am. 

My Gen 2 Favourites

Only six Pokémon from this generation got Gold 6 scores, so this required no thought at all!

My Overall Favourites

This is the worst thing to do, I really didn’t want to cut anyone from the last section but someone had to make room for Blissey, sorry Primeape.

My Gen 2 Least Favourites

*sigh* it begins, this was as easy to populate as the top spots, there were only six ‘mons to receive a 2 Ball score or under and that sounds good BUT that number includes 3 1 Ball scores and our first 0 Balls score chronologically (Hitmontop) that means this is the first generation to feature Pokémon I not only dislike but flat out can’t stand and it’s only Generation two *sigh*.

My Overall Least Favourites

Don’t worry Gen 2 fans, Gen 3 is on the way, that’ll knock most of these off.

The Cutest

THIS was difficult, Generation 2 is filled with cuteness! I could probably pick this again tomorrow and only Swinub and Pichu would appear in that list. So much cute.

The Most Badasss


In comparison there was a serious lack of badassery this time around, shame on you Game Freak of 1997-2000, SHAME!

The Most Creative


More than I first thought, but wait – Pupitar? Sure, would YOU have thought of a cocoon stage for a kaiju?

Most in Need of Evolutions


Most in Need of Mega Evolution

1) the fact that there is a branched evolution and only one of the two has a Mega makes my brain meats hurt 2) as much as I like them I’m sorry but the meta game just isn’t ready for a Mega Smeargle, Mega Shuckle or Mega Wobbuffet - and it may never be.

Gen 2 Pokémon I’d Most Like to Own

Imagine coming out into your back garden every day and seeing that weird stag, patting its head and watching as it brain fries random passing pigeons for being more popular, delightful.



Now, before we go to Generation 3 there’s a stop we have to make, that stop is (what else) Nintendo’s Space World ’97 expo…

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