Sunday, 28 April 2019

Quick Crappy Pokemon Reviews: Generation 3 Part 14 - Round-Up

Thank god that’s over with.
I mean it’s not Gen III’s fault I got my head illness came back but of all the places to be stuck, I think only Gen 5 could have been worse and then only because of the sheer number of ‘mons.  I still don’t like Gen III all that much, but I’m glad that it’s moved to apathy and/or begrudging acceptance rather than the naked hatred that was once there, because I don’t actually like disliking things in something I like, I’d much rather be indifferent to it.
As much as I may not like it, the Generation did have a very consistent feel to all of it’s new ‘mons – they all sit just on the pastel side of bright and despite how different they may seem you can clearly ‘feel’ that Zigzagoon, Trapinch, Lairon and Duskull are all from the same Generation, which is a good thing – remember that these are supposed to be all come from the same location so giving them an overall similar feel is just about right.
It’s also a surprisingly varied ‘dex, easily as varied as Generation 1 – with regular ol’ birds, bugs, cats and sharks sitting next to the likes of Claydol, Cradilly, Nosepass and Shiftry, when bulked out with Gen 1 and 2 creatures as it was, giving the region quite a few more reserved Pokémon to sit alongside the more bombastic Gen III buggers and Hoenn’s wildlife felt like a very complete Pokédex.
Gen III will never be my thing, it’ll always have a design aesthetic that I dislike but it does feature a bunch of favourites and actually racked up a good number of gold scores (more than I thought), albeit a lot of Gold 5 scores. What really notices for me is how inconsistent the lines are getting, with one stand-out ‘mon and two far less interesting ones.
Agreeing to disagree might be the only way to get on in the Pokémon fandom, and I agree to disagree with Gen III.

My Gen 3 Favourites

Would you believe only five ‘mons got six ball scores this Generation?

My Overall Favourites

It came down to a two-out-of-three falls iron man match between Claydol and Wartortle, you should have seen it, it was like Shawn and Brett

My Gen 3 Least Favourites

Five 0 balls scores, a lot less than I thought there’d be, but some of my least favourite ‘mons period amongst them.

My Overall Least Favourites

Don’t worry Hoenn Babies, Gen 4 is on the way, that’ll knock some of these off.

The Cutest

This as a surprisingly cute era…

The Most Badass

…and a damn badass one too

The Most Creative

I dunno if creative is the exact right world for Ludicolo but, y’know, it’s certainly original.

Most in Need of Evolutions

The Megas capped off a lot of lines in this Generation, but Luvdisc and Chimecho still need some love.

Most in Need of Mega Evolution

Alright, I’ll do it properly, GOD! You’re not even my real mum

Most in Need of Mega Evolution

Not necessarily all for the stat boost, some I just want to see what would happen. In case you’re wondering, the Gen 3 remakes came out during Generation 6, the era of Mega Evolutions, that’s why so many ‘mons from this generation have them.

Gen 2 Pokémon I’d Most Like to Own

I really wanted to put Gardevoir on here as a gag, but I knew everyone would take it seriously

*sigh* Generation 4 next.


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