Saturday, 11 January 2020

Quick Crappy Pokemon Reviews: Generation 6 Part 8 - Round-Up

Have you noticed the amount of 5’s and Gold 5’s this generation? So have I. Generation 6 was very strong with its new Pokémon, overall being the most consistently good since Gen 2 and maybe even Gen 1. Sadly that isn’t something that’s going to carry on – Generations 7 and especially 8 are more up and down, with some greatness mixed in with some of the worst of the series, so pretty much Generation 4 but bigger – and worst of all they wouldn’t carry over the Mega Evolution concept, replacing it with the (I feel) far lazier Z-Move concept and the nearly-as-satisfying Gigantamax concept.
If you’re wondering why I’m talking more about other generation it’s cos I really don’t have much to say here – Generation 6 can be summed up thus: the new games were average, the remakes great and the new Pokémon even better – a real case of quality over quantity and very needed after the quantity over quality Generation 5 - but it was just, too, short.
And it’s a fitting that I don’t have much to say about a short generation because a) it’s short, duh and b) it feels like I didn’t have much to say about most of it’s Pokémon either, I need to put more words into Generation 8.
Let’s do the list thing:

My Gen 6 Favourites

There was 19 Gold 5 scorers in this generation but 7 Gold 6, which is still a lot when you consider how few in number the new Pokémons were and backs up my theory from the intro - there’s a lot of really good Pokémon but not that many that I really REALLY love.

My Favourite Megas

Only Abomasnow and Houndoom got Gold 6 scores but the other four were on the very edge of getting ‘em.

My Overall Favourites

Poor Porygon, he lasted longer than most but a ninja rogue frog is just too cool.

My Gen 6 Least Favourites

Note: Xerneas scored 1 ball. This was a pretty damn strong Generation wunnit?

My Least Favourite Megas


 Once again: Mega Latias and Mega Latios are the exact same fucking thing! "Oh but they're just male and female versions of the same thing" you whine - so are the Nidorans!

My Overall Least Favourites

The Cutest

Cuteness abounds once again

The Most Badass

I think I overused the term ‘badass’ this time around, but I have had a long break – it’s taking me a little while to shake the review rust off.

The Most Creative

I may not like it much, but it’s certainly an unusual way of doing a Pumpkin monster.

Most in Need of Evolutions

A proper evolution for Carbink please, either than or let us actually transform one into Diancie.

Most in Need of Mega Evolutions

Most of these are more ‘things I want to see’ than because the ‘mons need the stat boost or whatever - just imagine how ridiculous Clawitzer’s gun could be! And it would give Volcanion that something that it still needs

Gen 4 Pokémon I’d Most Like to Own
I completely forgot about this! Let’s see…

Quite frankly a lot of this generation just aren’t SAFE to own – but I’d never get tired of seeing Hawlucha and Swirlix makes sweets, so it’d be so useful (and I’d be so fat)

We're gonig to Hawaii next! The Alola Region and Generation 7. It's another new Generation of Pokemon that's going for quality over quantity but if I remember right it's far less sucessful at that than this bunch were. 

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